Basics of learning to develop websites websites

Apr 19/Mohamed Nakhlawy/Website Development

If you are interested in learning about the development of websites, we would like to start by saying, "Congratulations to you. You have chosen a wonderful area that is full of challenges and contains a vast space for creative people. But the question now arises .... where do I start.

To start with the development of websites you have to be aware that this area is divided into two parts that complement each other

Front End Development :

The development of facades is one of the basics that any web developer should learn. The idea of ​​developing facades is about how to show content in a professional and engaging manner and that the interface is interactive.

The development of software for managing sites in various fields (content management - e-commerce) has become a facelift development function of the most demanding jobs in the IT sector.

We can call the developer Front End Developer when he is proficient in HTML / CSS / JavaScript techniques

Web Programming Back End Development :

The development of the software environment is one of the most important functions of Web application development - in Backend End programming, models, tables and databases are used to access the design required for web applications.

The term 'End End Developer' can be launched on a developer who has at least proficiency in PHP with the ability to handle MySQL databases.

The importance of web programming is in the design and implementation of Customized Web Applications and Plugins and Extensions for popular content management and e-commerce applications such as WordPress and OpenCart.