Avoid these mistakes that shy viewers will design away

Apr 21/Mohamed Nakhlawy/Website Design

When you create your own website, there are many things to think about, but do not forget the basics. This includes your basic design plan or rather the initial and background colors and words that a visitor sees. Discussion below are ways to successfully implement these three components.

Color scheme

If you already have a company logo in specific colors, use it and follow the subject. Otherwise choose two or three colors to use on your website. Stick with these colors and use them on every page. Once you set a pattern for these colors, keep them consistent on each page. Example: White background, blue writing, orange border. Drag or load the color wheel. This will help you choose which colors bring out each other naturally. You want to attract viewers' attention to avoid dark colors above dark colors.

Most commonly used color schemes:

  • Red, yellow, white
  • Blue and white
  • Red, gray and white
  • Blue, orange, white
  • Yellow, gray and white
  • Onion shadow, tan, white


The most common error here is a dark background with dark writing or white background written in yellow or light pink. This is very hard for viewers to watch. White backgrounds are most often used and are safe with dark typing. If you have a background pattern for your page, be sure to distinguish colors from all background color styles, if not in black and white. Make sure that the hyperlink does not blend before or after you click it. The most common links appear in blue before clicking on them and in Burgundy afterwards.

Grammar and spell checking

We are all aware of the spelling and grammatical tool on our computers, but sometimes they do not pick up everything. It is useful to print the page and review it from a hard copy. Sometimes the eye gets errors that may not appear on the computer screen. Take a peer look at your business - this will help you find errors. Beware of grammatical errors and punctuation that may not be picked up by your computer. Example: You, you, there, watch it, watch it, watch it, and sometimes, sometimes.

Think simple with these three components. Complex colors, backgrounds, or words will exclude the viewer. Pay attention to your audience by making your site "easy on the eyes." Do not forget to check - remember that two heads are better than one.