Why Should You Learn Web Development? 10 reasons to explain to you

Apr 21/Mohamed Nakhlawy/Website Design

In the past decade, the most popular occupations have been either traditional or intellectual, but these days new occupations have emerged within the intellectual professions, but they are not related to what we have previously known.

Web development of the new professions we see is required in any project connected to the Internet today. This profession has its obligations that make you interested in learning and working on it. Today we will show you ten reasons why web development is a real profession.

You do not need a college degree

Traditional intellectual professions, such as medicine, law, architecture, etc., need mainly a university degree to practice or at least an academic education that gives the professional the basics of knowledge, if he does not want formal recognition such as obtaining a license to open a clinic or law firm.

Web development is one of the professions that do not require an academic degree to practice. On the contrary, you should not take the academic path in studying disciplines such as computer engineering that will take five years of your life and exhaust you with dozens of subjects that do not benefit you in your field. Fortunately, self-learning resources are now widely available online and take your hand step by step from start to complete projects.

The stack overflow platform says that more than 69% of developers and programmers who use the platform have learned themselves and without any degree in various web development disciplines.

Start inexpensive

In traditional occupations you need to pay a lot of expenses before you start and build, such as buying a clinic and equipment or paying tuition and a scientific specialization, but web development requires only a computer and internet access and is available to hundreds of millions of people today including you who are reading this article. This computer is your tool in creating your products that you will sell.

No restrictions

The Web development profession is involved in the field of self-employment and self-employment, a kind of work performed by independent people on the Internet without any specific commitment to a specific entity. Where you own yourself and your time and contract with the parties that you want to work on a specific project will receive its value in the end and go. Because you are a freelancer working online, it expands your market to all parts of the world, while traditional trades limit your market within the city you live in.

Even if you do not want to work as an independent and want more job security, you can work with a remote company, a feature that online work does not have for traditional jobs. You are in your country and between your family and friends you can work in another country as an expatriate, because the lesson of results and achievement and implementation and not physical presence. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from working with a company within your own country, especially if you live in a large country and there is a high demand for web projects.

It's easy to start your own project

Do not want to work career? Either as an independent or with a company? Simple! Establish your own company. Today the establishment of start-ups is easier than ever, many opportunities and large demand are there are many supporters. When you are a major web developer in your project you can plan the future of the project better and even employ the best experiences with you because you know the details and what you need and how to reach it. When you set up your own company and are a web developer, you will be able to hire a technical manager.

Web development is the most demanding job

The first logical rule that guides you to learn a new career is the size of your recruitment and job opportunities. The US Labor Bureau estimates that the number of jobs associated with the Web development profession will grow by 27% over the next eight years. This is reassuring and promising that the trend towards web projects that need to hire developers is continuing to increase.

The web developer's career is not only highly motivated and sought by developers, but even an excellent salary. The numbers in America, the most important and largest web developer's market, say that their average salary is $ 116,000 a year. Many companies offer salaries starting at $ 90,000 per year, and of course the salary varies according to the experience, the company and the industry in which they operate and the type of tasks performed by the web developer. From simple site programming to e-commerce sites, payment gateways and more. If you were paid by the hour, there were web developers earning $ 100 an hour, and those with 10 years of experience and strong projects could have twice as much.

Keep in mind that as long as you have an Internet connection, you can work with US companies as a telecommuting, a trend that is becoming increasingly of interest because of the big benefits for those companies, especially reducing costs to hire a US Web developer.

A constantly renewed field

It is interesting in the web development profession that it is one of the fastest growing professions and this opens up more opportunities for it. As it extends to more than sites directed to computers to reach the sites of mobile, social networks, smart TVs, wearable devices and others. All these new platforms were not available just 10 years ago and now the developer is taking them into consideration when implementing their projects. The future lies a lot with the development of technologies, programming languages ​​and libraries. With programming languages ​​such as Ruby on Rails and JavaScript techniques it has become easier for developers to meet the requirements of entrepreneurs and do not forget to use ready-made frameworks like Laravel. Js can also be used by JavaScript developers to use their expertise in e-shop projects.

A diverse field

Web development is a public profession where there are many sub-disciplines that you can choose from as you like. Whether you are interested in front-end design or front-end infrastructure, you can work in many areas giving you great flexibility. For example, a PHP-capable web developer can see