Simple Steps to Your Own Site - Explain

Apr 21/Mohamed Nakhlawy/Website Design

So, you want to create that site - for whatever reason, you may have started a business or simply want to share the new addition photos to your family. Let me tell you that it's easier than you think, all you need is directions that you can follow and you'll soon be online.

Let's talk about what it will cost in advance. For $ 10 - $ 20 a month, you can get a public website (Imagine:, available to anyone in the world with internet access. This is a trip to your favorite fast food restaurant. (Yes, you can get it!) There are also some ways to get a free website - still residing at, but lets you identify all those exotic phrases online first.

There are 3 basic components required to build a dedicated personal site.

you need:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting Account
  • Content written in HTML or some other web languages.
  • I know, what is the domain name !!!

Here is the measurement I know:

You live in a house built on a certain piece of land (which you rent or buy). This piece of land has a specific address.

Your website (a set of individual web pages) sits on the hosting account that you rent. This hosting account is found in a specific address - called the domain name.

  • Your street address: eg 1 John St., A Town
  • Your domain name: for example
  • Plot your own hosting account
  • Your home material is your web content

Here is the process Step 3:

  • Step 1: Choose your address
  • Step 2: Rent some space on a computer connected to the Internet
  • Step 3: Build the house you want and place it on the space you bought in step 2

Let's clarify each step:

Step 1: Choose your address (domain name)

Using the Internet, you can choose what you want your address to be (your domain name). what do you sell? What would make a cool name? Understand that after more than 10 years of access to the public Internet - many good names have been taken. So be creative, be unique but understandable. Easy to start using is your full name for a family / personal website or product name for a business site. Make a list of 10 possibilities you like in this way Go to the next step.

Step 2: Rent some space on an Internet-connected computer (hosting account)

With a quick search for the phrase "web hosting" on the web, you can get a list of web hosting companies - all eager to sell or rent some space on their computers. and are some recommended companies - do not hesitate to look at others, but there are thousands and thousands - so do not waste your time searching for cheaper (pay for what you get, but you will get $ 10 + Decent.

Many hosting companies will either give you or sell you your domain name at the same time as your hosting account. Remove your list from Step 1, and when prompted in your purchase, enter your first domain name. You will be notified if this name is available. Keep experimenting with your names at your preferred order until you find them available. Quit your purchase and let your hosting company explain how to access your account. (They'll send you an email - if you go with a company I've recommended, you can contact them with your questions).

Step 3: Build the house you want and place it on the space you bought in step 2

You have some options to make here:

  • You can ask someone to build a site for you.
  •  You can build it yourself.
  •  Use a free website builder (such as a blog)

All have pros and cons.

The first option is great if you can afford it and can find a reliable person. If you want a cheap job, give a job at your local high school - someone at the computer club will help you get cheap. The problem is that they may not always be when you need to make changes. Enter the selection b

It's great learning a new skill, and you can learn for free online - just invest some time. Remember once you know how to ... own that knowledge forever and will not depend on someone else to build your site. Once again searching online for "how to create a website" will tell you how to design, download and upload your website on your STEP 2 hosting account model.

If you do not actually need a custom design and all you want to do is put some text and maybe some pictures online. I suggest starting