Web Hosting The concept that gives your site a lot more

Apr 21/Mohamed Nakhlawy/Web Hosting

If you decide to start an e-project that asks how I will start, how do I have a successful website that is a favorite site for me? How do I choose a web hosting company to help me build my site with success? There are many questions that occupy your mind, and we are here to help you reach the ideal answer to all these questions. The first question is what is the concept of web hosting?

Web hosting in a simplified concept 

Web hosting is a short space that is booked online by a server or a specific server to store your data and files completely. It's like renting a place to start your business. You search for a place to be your business address, so hosting is booking a place but this time you Book online.

This hosting is characterized by multiple security and protection features to maintain your site and all important files and gives the hosting of the enormous advantages to be able to fully control your site without any problems, but not all hosting companies offer these features to the owners of these sites vary according to the company that offers hosting service

We recommend that you choose a hosting company through a professional technical team that ensures your site speed and privacy and provides your site with continuous technical support without interruption.

Web Hosting Different types vary depending on your location

I have now realized what web hosting and the image clearly showed some thing, but you are still confused about the hosting that suits your site and wonder whether web hosting is only one type or multiple types? Answer simply that the hosting of different types of different and vary according to the possibilities provided by the type of site that You want to book his hosting, these are the types of web hosting.

First: Private servers

Large sites need to reserve a large hosting space to accommodate the number of files and large data that will be built on the site, and also to accommodate the large number of site traffic, therefore, provided a dedicated hosting through private servers are only for your site without the participation of any other sites, These sites require large servers with huge potential to capture the volume of visits. The daily traffic comes to about one million and more and is subject to great technical support, continuous and more privacy and security. All these possibilities are provided by private servers. Provided by the service that increased cost.

Second: Shared Hosting

From the simplest types of hosting in terms of cost and capabilities and from the very first sense of the meaning, because it simply means hosting a number of sites on a server or server, but each site has its own space and a complete control panel, and this hosting suitable sites that do not need a large security or have a number Many visits are suitable for small sites.

Third: Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is the same as the previous hosting properties, but it varies depending on the server or hosting server, because it is running Windows, but the cost here is very different for the power of Windows Server.

Fourth: Cloud Hosting

Cloud servers when mentioned, you find everyone talking about the speed of these servers that reach the cloud is one of the best types of servers at the moment, and this type of web hosting gives your site space on more than one server and these devices are connected to each other, and the most important thing that in the case Stop your site on one of the servers does not stop your site never to the work of the other server, and next to give your site full protection, security and privacy.

V. Virtual Servers (vps)

 This type of web hosting is a large server divided into several spaces, each part is called a virtual server, and these servers are the most important characteristic that they have more space than shared hosting and cost less than private servers.

Now that you have a clear picture of the concept of web hosting and what types? What is the hosting that suits your site? You can now make a decision about choosing a hosting that suits your site and your potential.