How to choose the best hosting?

Apr 21/Mohamed Nakhlawy/Web Hosting

The best hosting sites in this directory have been selected and arranged according to a number of conditions, including the structural structure of the company's servers and the data center of each company, in addition to many other factors including:
  • Speed ​​of hosting (server response time, "First To Byte", Cache, etc.).
  • Hosting prices (unlimited hosting, price and service comparison, possibility to host more than one location on the same account, allowed hard disk space, bandwidth available, number of databases, number of e-mail accounts, etc.).
  • Technical characteristics of hosting (servers, random memory, databases, processor, PHP memory, etc.).
  • Protecting and securing hosting (protecting user sites, isolating accounts, etc.).
  • Technical support for users (response speed, communication methods, support team experience, etc.).

Easy to use hosting.
  • Hosting Control Panel (cPanel, Plesk).
  • Easy to upgrade or add services from within the control panel.
  • Install scripts (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal ...) with one click of the control panel.
  • Company evaluation
  • My personal experience.
  • Online user ratings for each company are listed in the best web hosting.
  • Experiences of friends in the field of hosting.
  • History of the company in the field of web hosting.
  • Easy to buy hosting
  • Payment methods (Visa Card, PayPal, MasterCard, etc.).
  • Instantly activate the account.
  • Gifts and free services (free domain, free website transfer, etc.).
  • In addition to some other factors.
  • And of course our personal opinions from our experience in web hosting.