How to choose the best hosting?

Apr 19/Mohamed Hamada/Web Hosting

The best hosting sites in this directory have been selected and arranged according to a number of conditions, including the structural structure of the company's servers and the data center of each company, in addition to many other factors including:

Speed ​​of hosting (server response time, "First To Byte", Cache, etc.).
Hosting prices (unlimited hosting, price and service comparison, possibility to host more than one location on the same account, allowed hard disk space, bandwidth available, number of databases, number of e-mail accounts, etc.).
Technical characteristics of hosting (servers, random memory, databases, processor, PHP memory, etc.).
Protecting and securing hosting (protecting user sites, isolating accounts, etc.).
Technical support for users (response speed, communication methods, support team experience, etc.).
Easy to use hosting.
Hosting Control Panel (cPanel, Plesk).
Easy to upgrade or add services from within the control panel.
Install scripts (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal ...) with one click of the control panel.
Company evaluation
My personal experience.
Online user ratings for each company are listed in the best web hosting.
Experiences of friends in the field of hosting.
History of the company in the field of web hosting.
Easy to buy hosting
Payment methods (Visa Card, PayPal, MasterCard, etc.).
Instantly activate the account.
Gifts and free services (free domain, free website transfer, etc.).
In addition to some other factors.
And of course our personal opinions from our experience in web hosting.