Introduction to the design and programming sites

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Before M starts designing and programming sites in a few essentials, you need to be familiar with them and the basic principles have a clear ambiguity.

? What is the difference between Web Design and Web Development

The web design is the design of the website and any need to follow the form of the site by the competence of the web designer

The web development can be called (behind the scenes) and the reason is that any need to sell it to the web developer is not appreciated compared to the web design

- Sure you are delusional saying: I do not understand the need, which is strange talk !! But the question under which is to clarify matters with you.

?What is the difference between the Front-End and the Back-End

The front end ... and its Bacon is responsible for the web designer and to be recognized Open FaceBook, for example ... The first open Htchev his image

The image is the front end and therefore you can view the front end and also provide the front end code if pressed (Ctrl + U) and hard design site is the front end

But the back end is the place where you would handle it. For example, if you wrote the mail and password on FaceBook and you worked on login, what would you do

First, the data is for the back end, and there is the back end, with the database rotating, and it is sure whether the data is present in the database.

If in the beginning start the process of logging entry and if not followed by a response that the data is wrong ... and the back end is the backstage are all ... because all who get there you are not satisfied and for the average user is not sold any need

? What is the difference between static and dynamic

The site dynimc is a site that can handle the data and use a programming language in which the PHP code and the language are to be processed. It is possible to use databases in it if we need to store data, unlike static, using Html, Css, Javascript and Javascript. Capable of processing data or storing data in the database.

? What language do you need to learn and what language do you speak

To start in the world of design and programming sites need to learn HTML and CSS because they are the basis of any web page, and that means that you can operate a web page using Html and CSS only, but will be static page means unable to process data.

?What is HTML

WML Html is a language and a symbol (Symbols) means I have a tag and a tag for a need for example, if I have a word Z Text and want the largest size of the word is used to mark b and is a shortcut to Bold and each marking of the beginning and end

?What does a responsive design mean

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And with the permission of Hittam to update the questions continuously and added new questions of the questions faced by beginners in the beginning of their way to the world of design and programming sites and if any question in need of a response to the secret in the comments and, God willing, Najobk it