E-Marketing Definition and the concept of advertising

Apr 01/Mohamed Nakhlawy/Digital Marketing

The definition of electronic marketing and the concept of advertising the site of a company or its origin:

E-marketing is the marketing process for the product, service or brand of the company or company via the Internet. It includes all the activities and activities that are carried out over the Internet all over the world in order to attract new customers from all over the world while retaining existing customers. E-marketing is different from the SEO operations , Some confuse the word seo and the word advertising sites on the same one, Kalmahashar site means advertising through advertisements and newspapers and other means of advertising regular and known, it can fall under the name of advertising site also e-marketing operations through and Put ads and articles in other sites to publish the site and the site Shibetah and the deployment of the processes or the configuration of the site for search engines are different from the operations of advertising sites

Definition of electronic marketing and advertising sites for people:

 Is the process of promoting a website or the idea of ​​an electronic site and advertise the site through the Internet to attract new visitors to the site from all over the world, which leads to increased income from advertising, as advertisements for other sites and ads from Google Adsense

1: Electronic marketing and advertising sites for companies

The proportion of Internet users and search engines who are looking for goods and services to buy to 84.8% of them are looking for companies for tourism, including those looking for real estate and some of them looking for books to buy and some of them looking for different items to buy through the Internet and some of them looking for information

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The success of website advertising and e-marketing depends on three main axes

1: The product or service to be marketed Many companies set the goal from the beginning as tourism companies, real estate marketing companies, brokering, transport companies and other companies that already exist but lack the method of marketing and successful marketing plan these companies already have a goal that seeks to achieve the goal of increasing the proportion of customers and maintain current customers

As for individuals who hear a lot about profit through the internet and wonder how this ?? There are many methods of profit through the legitimate websites, the most important is the placement of Google ads on the site


2: Create a specialized website for this product or service

It must be all in the site urges and urges the visitor to buy, taking into account the accurate description of the product without exaggeration to speak about and in description, and must be borne in mind that the site is not overpriced in design and color, and must be descriptive describes the commodity we are marketing, Tourism is different from the establishment of a real estate site is different from the personal site is different from the site of the games and so on, each of the design and a special presentation and you can now see the design of the sites of Seo Ira customers should be easy to browse for any visitor and not easy to browse from your point of view only, so You must view the site after it is created on the site Between you and them will learn if your site will be easy for visitors or missing something, know that he does not equivocate someone inside his house, so do not take things from one perspective only and from your point of view only


3: Developing a marketing plan Court of the most important methods that lead to the completion of the process of electronic marketing or advertising sites: The following free advertising in other sites Use search engines and site design for search engines and work SEO correctly to your site Add site in the directory of various sites to support the process of advertising site Paid advertising In other sites Mailing lists SMS via mobile phones Writing articles on the product or service in other sites that allow this Press Release: Free advertising on other sites First: If your site in Arabic, whatever the Or the service provided by your site, you will find many other sites that offer free advertising service within its site, for example the real estate market we find free sites and many free forums allow us to offer properties for sale, for example aqarcity.com sooqelaqarat.com ekaar.net and others Many sites, if we search in any field or in the field of the product or service provided by you will find a lot and a lot of sites that serve your site Second: If your site or the category you target in English there are many and many only use search engines to find those sites, About

The advantages of website advertising and successful e-marketing:

Access to the customer anywhere, and the possibility of selling the product outside the headquarters of the company and the opening of new markets targeting different categories and nationalities from all over the world The speed of access of the product or service to the consumer direct Limit spending on paper ads that cover only a simple category of customers Business in general and comprehensive and on the widest possible segment of customers Ease to convince the customer the product Reduce the use of delegates and rely on modern technologies The customer can see and follow your offers first-hand, other than paper ads and other traditional advertising methods Continuous communication P client by mailing lists

Use search engines and site configuration

Search for search engines in search engines

Add the site in the various sites directory

Add your site in different sites, type in the search engine Google Word (your choice here more than 25 million search results in Google, but to benefit your site more than Google Bar tool to choose the best sites among those results by downloading

A ranking of 1 to 10 and the higher the beige Rank of the site whenever it indicates the strength of your time Wilk Big Rank 8 better than the site owned by BigRank 3 and so on

Ads paid in other sites

English translations, and has a lot of experience in the field of scientific research, and why and why? No matter what company, site, website should be chosen yourself?

Satellite Marketing

Allow your e-mail to be collected for each client, and make a list of them, but to keep your name in Egypt, I am on your way because later you will be not to mention being in a particular place

If, you must gather your own displacement from yourself and at the same time, you can know it in its place, you can know its email. In receiving the messages through you, so through your mailing list are not disturbed by your messages sent to them and also make the client or visitor feel safe for your site and your service there are programs that can be because they are Hood of you, which is only one way, has reached the advertiser

SMS via mobile phones

As in the postal agency, it is also in the lists of telephone numbers of customers, do here the numbers of customers and interested in the service of the site and send SMS messages via mobile phone and remind them of the latest offers or updates on the site and often monthly can ask visitors about their desire to participate Bosnia

Write articles about the product

There are many of these sites and in all languages, you can offer your health and human resources by writing articles challenging the product

Press release

Achieve: Achieve articles through your favorite site, and by using this method your article will reach several people around the world in seconds,

Press Release Just search for a word

In the search engine Google will find more than 140 million search results, where the sites of the free service, including what it offers in exchange for material