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Afrodien Panel is Suitable for all Business type

Afrodien Panel is Suitable for all Business type

you Can customize afrodien panel to Suitable your Business by Enable/Disable PHP Models From Settings Section

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Now Afrodien use PDO instead of MySqli OOP

News/Mohamed Nakhlawy
Now we not support Mysqli any more.We will use PDO , PDO support many drivers like SQL & MysqlBut MySqli support Mysql only.We taked this action to be ready for the next stage ... We will launch desktop apps connected with our platform.So you will be

New version is available now

News/Mohamed Nakhlawy
Now at 2.7 version all sensitive data is encrypted using secret key.This secret key is entered by webmaster during the setup.Now, if some one hacked your site , he will not be able to use your database ... Secret key is stored in database ... But don&apos

Push Notification is available now on Afrodien panel

News/Mohamed Nakhlawy
Hi,Now push Notification is available at Afrodien Panel with no third party.It will be direct from your site to google firebase .Now you can push notifications to your site users or visitors.For more info :

Launch website developer community

News/Mohamed Nakhlawy
Be ready , we will launch developer community soon to discuss new technology in web development.You will be able to post in this community through send your post to info@afrodien.comAnd you can ask us to discuss any idea by writing in comment box.At this


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